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ATTENTION GRABBER Whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, strategies for getting student attention are an important part of your classroom management. We have all been there, not having a suitable way to gain the attention of a rowdy class can really impact on the flow of the day! You get more and more frustrated, the kids get louder! It’s a snowball effect! What will work for you and your students is very different to what will work for the teacher next door! Therefore, it is always important to have a bank of ideas to use with your class! I found mixing it up a bit kept students on their toes! If I used the same ‘clapping rhythm’ or ‘rhyme’ to get their attention, it became part of the background noise and they stopped reacting to it! Here are some really clever ways to gain the attention of your class. Timer Use an interactive timer . Decide how much time you are going to allow your students to work on a particular task. Display the interactive timer on